book review /// the dragon with a chocolate heart by stephanie burgis.

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart  Title: The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Author: Stephanie Burgis

Expected Release Date: 19/02/16

Published by : Bloomsbury UK


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


This is the first time  I read a book by Stephanie Burgis and to be honest it was a pretty good experience even thorough they was few problems. The book is about a young brave and fierce dragon called  Aventurine . She runs away  from her family’s mountain cave  to prove she is brave dragon  but she ends ups getting tricked by food mage by drink his hot chocolate , which turns her human. She eventually discovers a love for chocolate and goes to a chocolate house to learn how to make it. This story may sound simple but its more then that , its a journey of self discovery and Chocolate.

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One of the things  I like about this book that it made chocolate sound interesting to a person who does not like chocolate after reading this. Seriously , I could actual considering trying chocolate after this. Another reason is the illustrations  they were pretty cool ,it remind me of a old folk tale. I also liked are main character Aventurine  , I original hated her but grew to fall in love with her as I read on . I also found this book really funny.

This book also did  have problems like the world building was ok  and found it hard to imagine dragons as dragons and not as humans at times.  Overall the good things out shined the bad things and made it a super cool, sweet read. I 100% recommend this book.