cute kitten playing pinao

as i have seen that karem has made a post about kittens on girlsheartbook and just went to spend of love kittens so watch this because I find on YouTube and it also very easy to find just go youtube xxxx

by the why I don t post that much




A friend recently moaned about people posting pictures of cats on Facebook etc all the time.

My immediate reaction was to agree with him.


I’ve loved looking at cute and/or stupid pictures of cats over the years whenever I’ve been having a short (ahem!) eye break from writing.

From the fantastic Simon’s Cat to the absolutely laugh-out-loud Lolcats...

to the stupidly pointless and brilliant Cat In Sinks (who knew so many cats liked lounging in sinks?)…

I’ve smiled, sniggered, and on occasion snorted unpleasantly out of my nose when I’ve looked at them.

So hurray for cats – long may they reign on the internet!!

Karen McCombie :c)

PS Cats – faintly odd ones – have crept into my books as well. For example, who can forget the splendid three-legged Colin from ‘Ally’s World’? Not me, since a) I wrote the series, and b) I lived…

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new books

have you heard about holly and Kelly book iyou got read it and out now aslo frank leanpad his 

write a book that you meant enjoy and if seen before harrods will your lucky (miss event grrrr)

Imagecute sis

*-and if franks book (if your a football fan you got to read this)you may know him as a football now he writer called fankies’s magic football you got read and am soo get this book*- 

/+Imagehe signing the book for a fan

*by the were this book he did not writer him got help from a author which he did for a good rease 

bye rad next to see a book reaiw

Cupcakes and kittens are a princess

Hi party girl boys I know this is not ture that they think love cupcakes and kittens



                                        Sofia the first

Do not get me wrong but I like this sofia girl ( not my felf but you know she looks soooo pretty) and if cupcakes so much just keep this post.

So there whey I like cupcakes and put it this post lovely thing to do
2.I want to be catchan for a good rewiaws
3.I think kittens and cupcakes do mixs

Now if you went see some images of cupcakes here you go



               Yum so hurgey need cupcakes now!!!!!


                                     I made on a game


I like this one more because the why they it (mmm)



Mmm this get hot guys if hungery cupcakes email thank

Aslo at the end of cake stuff u should read some book









At end………

You choice