Top Ten Tuseday (2) Characters I Would went to come to a my tea party

This Feature is hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

sadly can only tink of ehgit charaaters ūüė¶

  1. Amber From Dream On Amber – Emma Sheveah : OMG shes just amazing chatacter she can be funy and can retlte to her so much.
  2. Marine from The Madness – Alison Rattle: she dreamer chatcter and I loooove dream chatcters
  3. Harry Potter From the coolest book on earth РJ.K Rowling : it  would super cool if Harry potter came to My Tea Party he can teacher us  some spells and can teach us how to ride broomsticks.
  4. Cherry From The Ever cool seris – Cathy Cassdiy :cherry such a cool chatcter and she aslo a dream!!!
  5. Tom Gates From Tom Gates- Liz Picons:¬† he’s¬†cool, quckly and lay back chatcter.
  6. Minons From the best movie : do I need to epalin.
  7.  Jamie Grimm from I Funny books:  he just funny he will mixs some comdy in our cakes.
  8. Tracy Beacker  from Tracy Becker РJaquline wlison : all can say is this *fanboying*

Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

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