Author Interview//Emma Shevah///

*This interview cuirns spoilers but will not spoil your reading uh excripe

 Will hey love reads this time wonderful Emma Sheveh i will be reviewing her boook soon but for now enjoy this very  irsting interview

Why did decide to write a book?


I love writing and always wanted to write books, so that was something I was drawn to. But I also wanted to pass on ideas and emotions that were important to me, so I could help other

Have read an Middle grade in the UK which one have you  loved?
I really love Clarice Bean because the language is playful and Clarice is quite mad. Lauren Child is so original and creative. I liked SAFFY’S ANGEL by Hilary McKay and I think Roald Dahl and Anthony Horowitz are great. One of my favourite books is Fungus the Bogeyman, by Raymond Briggs. That utterly brilliant.

Saffy's Angel (Casson Family, #1)Utterly Me, Clarice BeanMy Roald Dahl: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Can tell about your book?amber

DREAM ON, AMBER is the story of Amber Miyamoto, an eleven-year-old girl who is half-Italian and half-Japanese and lives in London. Amber’s father left home one night when she was six and she’s hasn’t heard from him since. The story begins when Amber’s younger sister, Bella, writes a letter to their dad and asks Amber to post it for her. But Amber takes it to her room and reads it. She feels sorry for Bella so she decides to pretend to be their dad and write back. This causes all kinds of problems, on top of the problems Amber has when she starts her new school. When it gets too much to deal with, Amber, who loves art, draws and then brings to life an imaginary dad who she talks to and who helps her with her escalating problems.

So if Dream On Amber was go to be film who would play in it and why?

Natalie Portman PictureThat’s a great question I’d want Wes Anderson to direct it because I loved what he did with Fantastic Mr Fox. It would also make a great Dreamworks film with half animation and half real actors. I think it’ll be quite tricky to find Amber – the actor would have to be around 12 years old and half-Asian and half-Caucasian, or at least look like she’s half-Japanese.  It might be even harder to find Bella! I imagine Bob (Amber’s mum) to look a bit like Natalie Portman or  Rachel Weiss but much scruffier, because she’s Italian, dark, has curly hair. I’d love Joan Cusack to play Miss Figgis because she’s sooo funny – I just love her. Maybe Anjelica Houston or Ruby Wax could be Nonna – Nonna is a great part. Joanne Pyke and Luis would be given to new young actors so they could have a lucky break. And the cat parts we’d have to audition for.


Who Infected to write a book?

I think you mean influenced (not infected). I wasn’t really influenced by anyone in particular but I loved reading when I was young and I especially loved Roald Dahl and Asterix. I think it was just something I wanted to do from a young age.

Like Amber she had a werid name ,did you have one too like amber?

I’ve always been called Emma and my middle name is Clare but my surname has changed three times already: when I was born I was Cronin, then my mum married my step-dad and I became Hiscock, and then I got married. Hiscock is a weird name – it’s not long like Amber’s name but it’s a bad name to have when you’re in school! My biological father has a looong name and I thought about taking it on but it’s long long long. And Thai. So I didn’t.

Are work on anything other books recently (eg.sequel to Dream on Amber)? 

I’ve already written the sequel to DREAM ON, AMBER but the publishers aren’t publishing it just yet, so I’m working on another book. This new one is changing shape all the time, like plasticine. I haven’t got it right yet. But they want it to come out next year so I have to get my skates on.

Finally, were do get in ideas for this book?

t’s partly how I felt when I grew up and partly made up stuff. After a parent leaves, there’s a big empty space left behind, and I thought it would be good to have something there rather than nothing. So I made up Dream Dad. Some of the characters are based on my family members – Bob is very like my cousin, Susie. And some of the situations and conversations come from things that happened at home with my children.

Quick fire Round

Books or Music – books (but both!)

UKMG or USMG – I prefer British humour

Audiobooks or books – books

Hardback books or Paperback books – I prefer the feel of hardbacks but I hardly ever buy them







Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

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