Butterfly Summer by Anne Marie Conway|Review

Title:Butterfly Summer


Published:May 1st 2012

I borrowed this book from my loacl libary.(buy the book)

****soplier on 5th paragraph****

Some secrets last a lifetime. When Becky and her mum move to the tiny village of Oakbridge, Mum is hoping for a new beginning. But when Becky discovers an old photo of her mum in hospital clutching a baby, twelve years before Becky was born, Becky becomes haunted by the thought that her mum is keeping something from her. Stifled by her mum’s over-protectiveness and depressive moods, Becky feels more alone than ever. The only place she finds comfort is at the beautiful local Butterfly Garden with her new friend, the wild-spirited and impulsive Rosa May. But Becky can’t shake off the unanswered questions. Why can’t she swim? Where is her dad? Who is the baby in the photo? And why is her mum lying to her? As the two girls spend more time together however, Rosa May’s unpredictable temper and possessive streak suggests that she is hiding something as well…and in the heat of the sun-drenched summer, it seems that Becky is the only one in the dark

look cannot bevlie completed in 2 days it dangouresly additced the book great Middle Grade/Young Audlt ficton thilller so creepy just could not scream this book is perfect love fovevery every.

I knew this summery read but just saw in the libary and fout  lets just read it ,its about Becky and mum move to Oakbridge her mum wents start  a new life put past behind,tell she discover a picture and anything fell to pice …

This book so so so sooooooooooooooooooooo (ok i need a GIF)

Sorry if not showing i just discoved this photo from photobucket it say awsome flashing the word awsome.

Why? your  wondering the supense  in the book so cool best all could not really genre it  because had started as comparetys  and sadly become some kind Thiller and then went back again you will love it.

This creepyed to the core from rose may ***spolier alret***(she so nice begain but get bad) ***end of spolier***  just have to love this book someone resoen remmed some Jacqueline Wilson book  so that was a doulbe.

But one thing hate is the cover make appling 10+ aslo look iresting on the YA crowed aslo did not like ending it  felt like a cilfhanger with out the …. in it .

Ok my List good and bads (just add some more)

  • Could imagine the secnes etc (good thing)
  • i was sitck in to the book (good thing)
  • has some yuck uh cover (bad thing)
  • ending felt like some ciffhanger (bad thing)
  • never knew go to happen (good thing )
  • It made think of Jaquline Wilson book (good thing)
  • can not genre it (final good thing)

so one thing to add keep it on crying and saying werid things.



Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

11 thoughts on “Butterfly Summer by Anne Marie Conway|Review”

      1. ok just read book go on awzom and it buy it aand have not hread of Butterfly summmer *titing* *say i love donig that*

  1. Hello Jaden 🙂 Libraries often have awesome books. I actually quite like the cover, it has a whimsical feel, not just a normal contemporary or summer read (it looks quite springlike also by the cover, but close! :D) I think I’d pick it up- even if it was just for that beautiful font there 😀 I love being able to visualize much more summery reads as then it feels like I’m in that season instead 😉 It’s good to read Summer books when it’s NOT Summer as well as when it is. I know it’s not a typical YA cover but we get bored of them 😉 I suppose Usborne may be aiming at kids more with this book but I’m not sure? You said it’s Middle Grade & that’s a big younger.
    It’s horrible when books end on a cliffhanger, I know that feeling! Also, lovin’ the GIF 🙂 Fab how you put you needed one… A bit like I feel in maaaaany reviews.

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