Author interview//Karen Saunders//

book smithsThis time we have the wonderful Karen Saunders wihs us on booklol16 she the author Me Suzy P. and the newset one Me Suzy P. and trouble with three.which out now.


Hello and welcome to booklol16.

Hiya backtacha, and thanks so much for inviting me onto your blog

Can you tell us about the two Suzy.P books out (for the people who have been chasing sheep)?

The first one, Me Suzy P, is about Suzy Puttock, a fourteen year old girl  an Suzy P 2embarrassing surname, an embarrassing family and all round embarrassing life. No matter where she goes or what she does, Suzy manages to make a donkey of herself! Luckily she’s got a great group of mates to help her out, and a fab boyfriend, Danny. The problems in her life start when she starts having feelings for the hot new boy at school, Zach, and he seems to like her too…

Suzy P and the Trouble With Three, which is the new book, has the same main characters, but is more focused on friendships. Suzy’s off camping with her family and her best mate, Millie. But Mum’s best friend’s daughter, the super-glam (and super-snooty) Isabella is coming too. When Millie starts spending all her time with Isabella, Suzy is devastated and starts to wonder if her friendship with Millie can survive when three is definitely a crowd.

 What’s it like being a writer for teens?

A lot of fun! I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

How did you come up with Suzy P?

A lot of the character or Suzy is based on me, I’m always doing silly things and giving myself ridiculous injuries, so most of the inspiration came from that!

How much research do you do for your books?

Not that much, to be honest. Because I write contemporary fiction, just living a day-to-day life is research! I often talk to friends about things their teenagers are saying and doing, and try to keep up to date with popular music and trends, but that’s about it.

What books melted your heart in 2013?

I’m a big fan of UKYA and read lots of fantastic books by British authors last year. I loved VIII about Henry 8th as a teenager, which helps give some background as to why he maybe turned into the tyrant he did. Cathy Cassidy’s stuff is always fantastic, too. I did a couple of festival events with Andy Robb and Mark Lowery, who also write funny fiction, and their books are also well worth a read.

Were you always a Bookworm?

Yes, I’ve always loved books! When I was younger I devoured all the Enid Blyton’s I could get my hands on, then when I was older I loved things like Judy Blume, Paula Danzinger and the Sweet Valley High series. Now I live in a house that’s overflowing with books, and I read whenever I can.  I’ve always had my head in a book.

If you were not author what job will you do?

I honestly have no idea! I hope I never have to find out, I had a lot of jobs that I didn’t like before I became an author, and now I love writing for a living.

What is it like meeting your fans?

One of my favourite things ever! I love meeting people who’ve read an enjoyed my books, it’s the biggest compliment an author can get.

Thank you for coming to booklol16.

Thanks so much for having me!


Tea or Cupcakes-Peppermint tea AND a gluten free cupcake please! I’m hungry!

Standalone or Series-The Suzy books can be read as a series or standalone books, so I’ll have to say both!


Non Fiction books or Fiction books-Fiction

Email from fans or letters from fans-I’d love both – I’ve had lots of emails but still waiting for my first paper fan letter, if anyone wants to oblige…

Just before you go, Suzy P and the Trouble With Three and Me Suzy P are available to buy online and from all good bookshops. If you’d like to find out more about it, do visit me online at, ‘like’ me on Facebook at or follow me on Twitter @writingkaren. There are tweets from Suzy Puttock @suzyputtock, so do follow her too.




Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

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