sometimes people went read everyday #3//book review Wishful Thinking by Ail sparkes


biok Author:Ail Sparkes

Publishers:Oxford University Press

Published:1 July 2010

Bookish links:Goodreads|Awzom||the book desprity

It’s just a regular trip for Kevin, and he comes back with just the regular sorts of things. Some local fudge, a scented candle for his mum…and his own personal god. It’s Abandinus, a little-known Celtic deity, who has suddenly found a new purpose in his eternal life – sorting out Kevin’s.

With a god on your side, everything’s going to get a lot easier, isn’t it? After all, a god can get stuff done. The trouble is, it’s not always the kind of stuff Kevin has in mind…

Wishful Thinking was a really cool book had me on the edge of my chair the name sound cool cover looks OK but speaking about cover feel it need a new and cool desgain.

The describe as great and I loved all the chatcters in the book aslo had a great begain the made went read and more this made me big Ail sparkes fan would Recommed to any even if boy or a girl.Have been keen to a Ailn sparkes book for long time this is can beat racing car.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 plus because the power of this book. but would aslo go 4 out 5 because of the cover.



Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

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