Showcase Sunday #1-books got this week+mini reviews


a feature by Vicky from Books,Biscuit,Tea Blog for replace meat of In My MailBox i was  go to do video but was not working did not get time take picture but went DR.Who anisrvisery but I missed her some of the books


Night School Legacy (book 2 in the Night school seris)

Age Rateing:12+/YA

In the last year,Aille survived three arrets,two breakups and one family meltdown.The only bright ponit has been her new life in Cimmeria’s the One place Aillie feels she belongs and the fact that it’s brought the dreamy careter West into her life hasen’t hurt.

But far from benig a safe haven,are more dangerous then Aille could’ve imagined.

Aille is gonig to choose between protecting her family and  trusting firends.but secrets have way of ripping the strongest relationships apart…

(summray from GoodReads)

Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant, #1)

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek lAndy

Skulduggery and Valkyrie are facing a new enemy: Baron Vengeous, who is determined to bring back the terrifying Faceless Ones and is crafting an army of evil to help him. Added to that, Vengeous is about to enlist a new ally (“if” he can raise it from the dead): the horrible Grotesquery, a “very” unlikable monster of legend.

(summary from Good reads)

That Burning Summer

That burning summer by Lydia Syson

Romney Marsh, July 1940. When invasion threatens, you have to grow up quickly. Sixteen-year-old Peggy has been putting on a brave face since the fall of France, but now the enemy is overhead, and the rules are changing all the time. Staying on the right side of the law proves harder than she expects when a plane crash-lands in the Marsh: it’s Peggy who finds its pathetic, broken pilot; a young Polish man, Henryk, who stays hidden in a remote church, secretly cared for by Peggy. As something more blossoms between the two, Peggy’s brother Ernest’s curiosity peaks and other secrets come to light, forcing Peggy and Henryk to question all the loyalties and beliefs they thought they held dear.

(summray from good reads)

Mini Reviews


ottoline and the yellow cat by Chris Riddell

the books about a  girl (Ottoline)

and furry friend (  Mr.Munroe) they most cool mystery sovle. but on one day someone has been stoleing Lapdogs will sovle the mystery

(oh mum and dad travell world she left murnue)

really enjoyed the book it funny ,wonderful and anything in between loved the ending was good loved the drawings.

this books for any aged 7 and over.


Utterly me,Clarice Bean by Lauren Child

my teacher wents me is donig a book project which so boring in tell the teacher says the prize in it. all sudden Clarice is plan her project but she just knew what t do

this novel is great and funny this on thing did not stop repat one word…

only on the showcase because read it two tmes and like said great and good.


Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

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