Bloggers supprot bullying to be stop

Anti-Bullying Blog Week Sophie6

anti-bullying blog week

if heard about A Daydream World an not doing a post today but tell will be take part all blogs can take part just go via the types of bullying.

cyber bullying

if knew just this not happen just outside it can happen via text,Facebook,Twiter anywere on phone or inrent happen someone something mean online do not replay.tell the teacher,mum or carer before gets worse.

outside cyber bullying

my heard peaple say some stuff like loose to you will that rude.puch someone that bullying.But if happen do not do it back you will get big trouble tell the teacher your self.this happen to shy peaple.

if blogger or author went to take part pealse now this your. here your choice

NOTE:must do guset post or a interview please email

never do this image how she feels..


Author: Jaden (Potterhead Daydreams)

Hi 14 years old boy am jaden love to read and write listen to music and sing am aslo Potterhead in training!

2 thoughts on “Bloggers supprot bullying to be stop”

  1. Hi Jaden,

    It’s Sophie from A Day Dreamer’s World here and I want to thank you for all your help with Anti Bullying Blog Week! I’ve only just found your blog but, thank you so, so much! This post is brilliant 🙂

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